Welcome to St Benet’s Nursery and Primary School Website.

Thank you so much for visiting our website. We would like to extend a very warm welcome to you.
We are very blessed and proud to lead our vibrant school family of St Benet’s, where we grow in love together and nurture each other throughout our school years and beyond.
We are enjoying all being together again this autumn term. We have staggered starts and exits in place (please see the table below). Children will continue in year group bubbles, with many of the Covid 19 procedures remaining in place. We thank you for your continued support in this matter.


Year Groups
Drop Off

Pick Up

Years 5 & 6

(plus younger siblings)

8:30am Upper Junior Gate (plus younger siblings)
3:10pm  Upper Junior gate

Years 3 & 4

(plus younger siblings)

8:35am Main Office (plus younger siblings)
3:15pm  Upper Junior gate

Years 1 & 2

(plus younger siblings)

8:40am Year 1/2 Side Gate  (plus younger siblings)
3:20pm  Year 1/2 Side gate
Nursery (plus older siblings)
8:45am Nursery & Reception Gate
3:25pm Nursery & Reception gate

Reception (plus older siblings)

8:50am Nursery & Reception Gate
3:30pm Nursery & Reception gate
Gates are open 5 minutes prior to collection and drop off times.
We continue with these measures to try to mitigate risks. In the year groups 1 to 6, younger children are allowed to enter school with the eldest sibling if that if more convenient to the family. If families are dropping Reception and Nursery children off and have an older sibling the older children are able to be dropped off at the same time as their younger sibling. During this time, we continue to rely on our children, staff, families, governors, parishioners and friends for their hard work, help and support.
Our Parish Priest is Father David Russell and he extends a warm welcome to all in our parish and school community. We thoroughly enjoy working together with our families, parishioners and colleagues. We are currently working in partnership with Father to deliver our Year 4 children’s First Holy Communion Programme. 
At St Benet’s RC VA Primary School and Nursery, we believe that our children will learn and reach their full potential, if they are developed in our Catholic school in a happy and nurturing environment. We continue to be an ‘Outstanding Catholic School’; this was awarded to us for the second time in October 2019 after our Diocesan School Inspection.
In addition to our hard-working team of staff, we are very lucky to have such supportive parents and carers who want the best for their children.
Our governors are an extremely caring, supportive and challenging group, who work hard for the development of our school.
We will continue to add to our site regularly and carry on improving it.
Please remember to follow us on Twitter on - @St_Benets for daily (sometimes hourly!) updates.

Yours sincerely

Denise Willis, Chair of Governors     &        Ann Blakey, Headteacher